The Embedded Intelligent Systems department researches innovative and application-oriented solutions for medical technology and robotics. The system integration of various hardware components, such as sensors, actuators and communication solutions, as well as the development of software for real-time systems form a basis of our work. Application fields here are mobile technical assistance, where we develop solutions for the guidance and monitoring of manned vehicles, and the area of vehicles, where we carry out research activities for the guidance of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. The existing concepts are used for vehicle guidance as well as for modeling and simulation of vehicles.

The Embedded Intelligent Systems department at a glance

Competence and research focus

  • Hardware design
    • Embedded systems with microprocessors and microcontrollers
    • Integration of sensors, actuators and communication units
    • System design (mechanics, electronics)
  • Software design
    • Real-time applications
    • mplementation of model-based classification, data fusion and control algorithms
    • Embedded diagnostic systems

Future-oriented application areas

  • Control modules for:
    • self-propelled indoor and outdoor vehicles
    • Iautonomous service robots
  • assistance systems
  • sensor technology and data fusion