Research Group Smart UV Systems

We research and develop smart applications with UV light in the field of disinfection, photocatalysis as well as environmental and life science

Research Group Smart UV Systems

Ultraviolet radiation can be used in many areas due to its high photon energy. In addition to the disinfecting effect in the UVC range for the efficient and rapid inactivation of microorganisms, the photocatalytic degradation of pollutants in the UVA range is also an area of application for UV radiation. The diversity is complemented in the UVB range, where mainly medical applications from dermatology can be found.

The Smart UV Systems research group is increasingly focusing on radiation generation by semiconductor-based UV radiation sources (UV LEDs) and is translating the specific advantages offered by LEDs into applications. More microbiologically efficient wavelengths compared to mercury emitters, greater mechanical robustness, higher radiation intensities, more freedom in the design of the radiation source geometry, and fast cycled operation are just some of the advantages of UV LEDs that make them highly attractive and offer tremendous opportunities for innovative future applications.

The research group combines years of practical experience, a well-equipped laboratory infrastructure as well as far-reaching research cooperations with external partners in one hand and has thus developed into the competence center for UV-LED applications within the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Here, services can be offered throughout the entire product development process, from the initial idea, through calculations and simulations, hardware and software development, to laboratory investigations and testing.

As a partner and member of the board of the "Advanced UV For Life" association, we have actively promoted the development of UV LEDs and their applications in production, disinfection, environmental and life science as well as medicine together with more than 50 partners from research and industry since 2013.

We provide our technical expertise, experience as well as laboratory and manufacturing infrastructure to our partners/customers in the context of industrial research and development as well as research partners in national and international collaborative research projects. 

Our offers to you:

  • scientific consulting in the field of UV-LED
  • Hardware and software development of UV systems
  • Simulation and optimization of UV-LED disinfection systems
  • Measurement and testing of UV sources
  • Equipment testing according to DIN / TS 67506