Underwater Robotics

In the field of underwater robotics, the department develops seaworthy complete systems and components for exploration, inspection and manipulation tasks in the underwater environment. 

Underwater vehicles are a cross-sectional technology that is becoming increasingly important in many marine technology areas for the sustainable use of the oceans. Examples include offshore wind energy, marine aquaculture, ocean cleanup (spent munitions and microplastics), and marine research. Research focuses on the development of autonomy functions for underwater vehicles and AI-based sensor data analysis. The department is characterized by many years of experience in the development and deployment of underwater robots and in the transfer to industrial solutions.

Research in the field of water systems engineering covers the entire cycle from drinking water production, treatment and distribution to wastewater reuse. The focus is on modeling and simulation of surface water systems and, based on this, the development of decision support systems and optimal control strategies. We address the energy-water-nutrition nexus in our research on modeling aquaponic systems.

In the context of climate change challenges, we are also researching flash flood warning systems and improving the resilience of water supply systems.


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The department has many years of experience in the development and use of underwater robots, as well as in the transfer to industrial solutions.


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"Automotive Goes Subsea"

Growth opportunities for the automotive sector in the area of maritime applications.