Open-District-Hub - Sortimo Innovationspark Zusmarshausen

Open District Hub at the Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen. The goal of the "ODH SIZ" project is to intelligently network the production and mobility sectors as part of a pilot project at the Zusmarshausen Innovation Park site in the sense of sector coupling. To this end, a modular ICT ecosystem is to be developed that links existing proprietary stand-alone solutions and can be transferred to other sites. The ICT ecosystem makes it possible to make the best possible use of energy at the site by aligning the capacities of the grid and charging infrastructure at the site with the requirements of the users and thus making the best possible use of them. The additional connection to existing production and commercial facilities results in an innovative and pioneering approach that will serve as a template for other sites.

The project


Sortimo International GmbH operates an industrial park in Zusmarshausen, Bavaria, with five production and commercial facilities and 16 buildings. With the help of a new concept, the sectors of electricity, heat and mobility were to be meaningfully linked in order to save energy and increase efficiency as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A self-learning energy management system is being developed for the SIZ. The task is to take into account load management, intelligent control of charging processes, optimized control and operational management of generators and consumers, and to integrate production. At the same time, mobility needs are to be satisfied. Locally generated renewable energy must be used in such a way that electricity, mobility and heat are linked in a meaningful way to save energy and increase efficiency, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With 144 charging points and a charging capacity of up to 420 kW, as well as highly efficient energy distribution via a 1000VDC area network, the world's largest charging park is to be created. The challenges lie in particular in the building ground, in groundwater management and in the efficient distribution of energy for high charging capacities in the area. However, diverging interests of the individual project partners and mobility stakeholders (fleet, logistics, MIV, public transport) must also be mediated.

Our solutions


In the development of the energy management system, we focus on product innovations such as individual control of charging power and holistic load management taking into account individual mobility needs. Since historical data on electrified mobility (#futureofmobility) is lacking and live data is to be incorporated, the use of artificial intelligence plays a key role. It ensures optimal utilization of the expanded photovoltaic system (from 250 kWp to up to 5.2MWp) and individual and intelligent control of charging processes by a control system. In this way, a total of 144 charging points can be supplied with 420 or 140 kW of power each. An integrated waste heat concept from charging processes will also be created. The waste heat from the charging infrastructure will be used, for example, to partially heat the adjacent buildings of the business park.

Project partner


  • Steinbacher Consult Engineering Company Ltd.
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Systems Technology IOSB-AST
  • Sortimo International GmbH
  • Sortimo Services & Technology GmbH
  • Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen GmbH
  • eLoaded GmbH