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The advancing digitization of all areas of society is also leading to major challenges in the energy supply and water supply and disposal sectors in terms of continuing to ensure secure and stable system operation. Due to the increasing integration of decentralized facilities for data acquisition and transmission as well as information-technically coupled systems for the generation, distribution, storage and use of energy, the topic of IT and OT security will play a significant role in securing the supply task in the future.

The assignment of parts of these energy and water supply systems to Critical Infrastructures increases the requirement for operation by the comprehensive legal requirements for CRITIS. These infrastructures include all line-based supply and disposal structures (electricity, gas, water and wastewater), the associated companies, and the overlaying IT networking of the systems and the components and networks used in them. These are particularly at risk due to the increasing level of automation, the growth of distributed generation, the use of legacy systems, and the far-reaching effects of an attack.


Our learning lab essentially consists of three "thematic blocks" that interlock:

  • The basis for our work is preliminary research: here we develop new methods and procedures for detecting and defending against cyber attacks
  • Based on this, we develop applications and prototypes. Here we transfer the findings of the preliminary research into hardware platforms and test and validate them. 
  • As a final step, we develop training courses and assessments for our customers based on the preceding processes. As a result, you benefit from extensive and field-tested expertise.

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Increasing digitalization increases the vulnerability of utility infrastructures to cyberattacks, while attackers have increasingly powerful tools and methods at their disposal. To adequately protect against pervasive threats, threat awareness and sensitization is very important. The human factor plays a significant role in IT security and the prevention of security incidents. We will give you an overview of current standards or regulations and work with you to assess how to implement them in your company. The awareness workshop sustainably promotes forward-looking and security-relevant behavior in your company.

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In this training, the approach of hackers to energy supply systems and processes is explained structurally and reproduced through example attacks on the training platform. The entire cyber kill chain is run through and the multi-stage procedure during an attack is simulated. Above all, preventive measures for network protection and system hardening are in the foreground. The practical relevance through the independent configuration of the technical components and implementation of the developed security measures are particularly in focus.

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It's not a question of if, but when the next wave of attacks will hit you. That's why it's essential to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of your IT systems, networks and ICS assets to identify vulnerabilities and best protect against potential threats. Stay one step ahead of attackers and identify potential risks before they can negatively impact your business security. Determine and assess your current threat situation with the help of our experts. Use detailed reports to determine the action required to ensure the continued availability and reliability of your operations.

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Online or presence

IT security for the
energy and water supply industry

Increasing digitalization in energy and water infrastructures increases vulnerability to cyberattacks, while attackers have increasingly powerful tools and methods at their disposal


Target group: Executives, management staff, IT security officers, employees in the energy and water supply sector, IT users and operators



Secure configuration and protection of the power supply infrastructure

The heterogeneous energy supply, which is undergoing structural change, must be secured by IT technology due to increased networking and digitalization in order to withstand the high standards of cyber security.


Target group: IT security officers, field and control technology staff, technical staff in energy and water supply.

Duration: 2 days attendance

Location: Ilmenau, Görlitz and in-house

Online-Skill (in cooperation with University4Industry)

Cyber Security for the Energy Sector

IT security in the energy sector is a significant topic in the course of digitalization. In this comprehensive online skill, you will learn how real attacks on critical infrastructures take place and what countermeasures you can take, using real examples. For example, you will gain insight into the implementation of an ISMS and learn about the special features of applications in the energy sector, such as securing remote access.

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Current challenges for Cybersecurity in the energy supply


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