Open District Hub Projects of Fraunhofer IOSB-AST


  • Cross-sectoral (electricity, heat, e-mobility) operational management of energy systems at neighborhood levels 
  • Resilience for operational management of sustainable local energy systems
  • High degree of automation needed due to price pressure (management of small energy volumes à costs for setup and operation must be low)
  • Consideration and mapping of regulatory and technical complexity

Our solutions and research work

  • Automated and self-learning methods of energy management (data preparation, forecasting, optimization) and integration/development of solutions
  • Use of AI for automation and scaling in commissioning/initialization and operation of energy systems
  • Implementation of business models and energy logistics in the liberalized energy market
  • Mapping and investigation of novel business models considering energy logistics framework in the liberalized energy market
  • Linking to neighborhood and smart city solutions
  • Data spaces for the connection/bringing together of involved actors

Our neighborhood projects


Open District Hub -
Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen


Open District Hub -


Open District Hub Jülich


Smood® - Smart Neighborhood

Existing neighborhoods as an energy source and consumer interconnected system with a high degree of local renewable energy self-sufficiency.




The Bauhaus.MobilityLab Erfurt creates a unique real laboratory in the heart of Germany, where sustainable and intelligent mobility, logistics and energy supply can be developed, tested and experienced.


Project ALEC Online

As part of the ALEC project, the aim is to economically electrify all equipment on the airport apron.

Using a battery-electric equipment carrier, innovative deployment changeover concepts and an ICT fleet energy management system, the number of special vehicles required is to be reduced and noise and pollutant emissions significantly reduced.