Development and testing of a blockchain for the energy industry

Aim of the research project

The objective of the research project is - based on the findings from GAIA-X and the prototypical MakoChain developed in the blockchain initiative as well as the experience of the partners - the development of a blockchain framework for data exchange in the energy industry and its testing in a real laboratory, taking into account regulatory, organizational and technical aspects as well as with regard to selected use cases. Such use cases of the blockchain are the publication of grid usage components, the supplier change at the charging station or the energy quantity exchange between private persons in so-called renewable energy communities.

Description of the service requested for funding:

The planned service is the involvement of an experienced innovation manager for the planning, moderation and preparation of the application documents. This includes the technical description of the project, the task-, schedule- and cost-related project planning as well as the structuring and involvement of the required project consortium. Further tasks may arise in the process of preparing the application.