Art on the building: "Auf Empfang".

In symbiosis with the modern architectural building complex of the Fraunhofer new building, a representative and memorable artistic sculpture was created, which will henceforth shape the overall image of Ilmenau beyond the boundaries of the institute. "Auf Empfang" is the characteristic description of the unique sculpture.


The sculpture represents a deer formed from antennae - a hybrid that oscillates between a technoid impression and a natural image. The basic idea of the sculpture is to find a poetic and unexpected image for the site, which is equally characterized by scientific content and open connection to the landscape, that does justice to the innovative credo of the location. The positively connoted, equally shy and curious animal, is here transferred into a new web of meanings that allows for different and open associations. Analogies between nature and technology such as "pricking up ears" and "stretching out feelers" find their way to a surprising symbiosis. The sculpture can be seen from afar and is thus a defining feature of the new building and its surroundings. Viewed from the offices, the sculpture is perceived in front of the mountain range on the other side of the valley - the open connection to the landscape thus reinforces the relationship to nature. In the dark, the sculpture illuminates and thus enters into an immediate dialogue with the horizontally structured façade and reinforces the common appearance.