R&D References

Our research in the field of energy covers comprehensive areas, such as system and data analyses, electromobility, grid planning and grid operation management of future energy systems. An overview of our research fields can be found in our service portfolio and in the following.

Energy management and system analyses

  • FENIA - The power plant model for Germany
  • MethQuest - Infrastructure Requirements and Energy Logistics for Renewable Methane in Germany
  • REGEES - Optimal operation and control strategies for Germany's reliable electric power supply system with full integration of feed-in from renewables in the 2030 time horizon.
  • Systemforschung Elektromobilität - Grid integration and energy industry perspectives
  • sMobiliTy - Intelligent load and charge management for electric vehicles
  • sMobilityCOM - Economical electric car
  • Trail - Energy technical and economic modeling
  • VPS - Virtual parking garage storage

Energy systems and components

  • DynaGridControlCenter - The dynamic control room of the future
  • Smart Grids - Intelligent electrical power supply systems
  • Smart Region Pellworm - Intelligent Distribution Grid & Energy Storage
  • Hybrider Stadtspeicher - Regional "grid balancing" with virtual energy storage systems
  • OROP - Smart software solutions for distribution networks and smart grids
  • OROP MCS - Methodology for evaluating asymmetric loads and feeders for use in network planning.
  • VEREDELE FACDS - Robust control and regulation of distribution networks with a high proportion of controllable generators and loads
  • Advanced Energy Storage - Strategic market lead research


Our laboratories have a wide range of equipment for research into energy-related topics.

  • Research Platform - Intelligent energy systems
  • IuK-Energy-Laboratories - Research and development laboratory for next-generation electrical energy systems
  • Cybersecurity Learning Lab - For Critical Infrastructures

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