The Fraunhofer Institute's Applied Systems Engineering Division provides a versatile pool of topics for students of the Ilmenau University of Technology, both for annual and diploma theses as well as for bachelor's and master's theses.

The focal points range from computer-aided simulations/forecasts (MATLAB/Simulink) and database systems (Oracle) to microcontroller development in the business area Embedded Systems. If you have any open questions regarding individual topics of the student research projects or diploma theses, we will be happy to assist you. Interested parties can contact us quickly and easily via the linked contact persons.

In addition to a varied, remunerated job, you can also expect to gain initial insights into Europe's largest organization for applied research at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Systems Engineering Ilmenau. With over 80 institutes and 13,000 employees, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is an important component of the German research landscape. We look forward to your interest!

Theses in the Department of Cognitive Energy Systems

Theses in the department of water and mobile systems