New requirements and more complexity due to the liberalization of the energy market


The energy markets in Europe are currently undergoing enormous changes as a result of liberalization and the accelerated increase in centralized and decentralized fluctuating feed-in. In order to master the challenges of an economical, ecological, efficient and safe energy supply in this environment in the future, a holistic view of the processes involved in the energy supply is required. With EMS-EDM PROPHET®, you can safely and reliably meet the dynamic processes within the liberalized energy markets, as this end-to-end application solution optimally supports the various roles and activities of all market participants - from energy generation to trading and sales.


EMS-EDM PROPHET® is perfectly suited for the realization of individual and customer-specific solutions due to its fully modular structure. EMS-EDM PROPHET® is composed of a powerful time series management, a comprehensive energy data management with modules for grid usage- and balancing group management, a scheduler for the automation of business processes and an optimization- und forecasting module for sustainable energy management. Continuous innovative research and close collaboration with our customers and cooperation partners ensure the ongoing and sustainable development of the solution.

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